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Private Guided Tours

Bespoke journeys and in-depth experiences

Private Guided Tours

Travel immersion: for visitors who want more than an on-the-surface journey.

A private guided tour of Namibia is an intensive travel option that not only takes in the big sights but focuses on the small moments too.

We like to think of our private guided tours as non-stop safaris. From the moment visitors arrive, they are provided with a front-row seat to the very best that Namibia has to offer. Led by specialist guides on bespoke journeys, travellers experience Namibia in depth and in detail. This is authentic African travel at its finest, and best suited to small groups, couples and solo nomads looking for a one-on-one travel experience.

Our Private Guided Tours

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TOP TRAVEL TIP: A private guided tour is one of the most exclusive and special ways for couples, small groups and solo travellers to experience Namibia.