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We live the spirit of Namibia

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We’re a merry crew of homegrown Namibians who are passionate about showcasing Namibia’s dramatic beauty, exciting wildlife encounters and cultural heritage. Our on-the-ground experience and established network of trusted service providers means we are able to deliver expert travel solutions for unforgettable guided holidays, group tours and tailor-made journeys in Namibia.

Andre Barnard Jnr.


Having grown up in Namibia, the country remains Andre’s favourite destination. With over 20 years’ experience in the airline and tourism industries, he is a familiar face, often arriving at meetings on two wheels, no matter the weather. Passionate about motorcycles, travel and rhino conservation, Andre is a founding member of The Rhino Ride, a unique project in cooperation with BMW Motorrad Germany and Touratech AG in aid of rhino conservation.

Yvonne Rust

Reservations Manager

An absolute passionate Namibian, Yvonne was born and raised in Namibia. She moved to Germany after she completed her studies, but the call to return to Namibia’s hauntingly wide spaces was simply too great. Yvonne began her hospitality career in the coastal town of Swakopmund. This led to her becoming more involved in the tourism industry until she eventually moved to Windhoek in 2000 where she gained more than 16 years’ experience with inbound tour operators.

Chanel Richter

Namibia Tour Consultant

Born and bred in Namibia, Chanel lived all over the country during her childhood. She moved to South Africa for three years when she was an adult, but Namibia never left her heart. Namibia called for her to return and she then started her career in tourism. Chanel is passionate about nature and wildlife and enjoys every moment spent in the bush.

Hilma Mbandi

Namibia Tour Consultant

Being a true Namibian, Hilma thrives on challenges through her personal philosophy of ‘Smile, and the world smiles with you’. She’s an accomplished tour consultant with extensive experience in tailormade travel and group-based travel. Her favourite part of her job is turning her client’s dreams into reality with special Namibian experiences. She is passionate about Namibia – the people, the sunsets, flora and fauna – and wants to share its unique nature with the world.

Vonesa Shivute

Namibia Tour Consultant

Vonesa was born and raised in Windhoek. After completing high school in 2005, a life changing opportunity came along when she was called to relieve the receptionist of a local safari lodge. A new world opened for her. Amazed with what Namibia has to offer, she joined a tour operator in 2008 as a Junior Tour Consultant where she gained more knowledge of the industry and grew into the role of Operations Assistant. With her 10 years’ experience in the industry, she is still enthusiastic to share the diversity of Namibia.

Amanda Willemse

Namibia Tour Consultant

Having grown up on a farm in Namibia and going camping at least once a month, the city was never a place to call home for Amanda. Exploring new parts of Namibia and travelling to neighbouring countries in Southern Africa, she fell in love with the tourism industry and learning something new about different places and cultures. Amanda is passionate about her work, loves the outdoors and escaping into nature for a camping trip with friends.

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