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Covid-19 Update from Cullinan Namibia

What is Cullinan Namibia doing for their clients?

We are working with each individual client in order to create solutions that best suit their needs at this time, as our clients’ expectations and travel booking arrangements are quite varied. For those clients who have booked to travel in 2020 and are wishing to move their travels, we are facilitating to change travel dates to incur as little financial losses as possible.

Can I postpone my trip to a later date?

Yes you can! We recommend postponing your trip rather than cancelling, as the later may incur cancellation costs depending on various factors.

Can I amend or cancel my flight?

As Cullinan Namibia does not handle flights, this will depend on the airline you booked through and what measures around postponement, cancellation or amendments are in place from a fare perspective.

What about travel insurance?

Claims can be made against clients’ travel insurance, however we are unable to do that on their behalf. Instead, we do our best to reduce any possible costs from a destination management company perspective.

For the South African COVID-19 Resource Portal, please visit: Online COVID-19 Resource and News Portal South Africa